Well, I'm looking to start a band. The only problem is, I only have a 10w Marshall MG practice amp. 2 channels, no footswitch, and only 1 tone control.

So, seeing as I'm in need of a new amp anyways, I wanna go all tube! The problem is, the nearest music store doesn't have any so I can't try any out. Along with that, my budget is only about $500, so there goes a Marshall out the door. I'm also looking for something to fill a small bar - I'm thinkin' maybe 50w? I would love a nice warm shred tone. Something close to Yngwie's would be AWSOME!

My needs/restraints
$500-$600 budget
All tube
As close to Yngwie's tone as possible
I only need 1 or 2 channels, but a footswitch is a must have

Hope I can find something...
Look for a used Peavey 6505... you could probably find one for about that price. They make 'em as 2x12 combos
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You can get a bugera 6262. Great amp for the price

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Peavey Classic is pretty good. you can push some pretty impressive tones with an overdrive pedal.


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Any of the aforementioned amps are great, however, I doubt you'll be getting Malmsteem with them. I have a Valveking and absolutely love it (halfstack however), it's like a budget JCM. Although for really heavy metal you will need a pedal. The Valveking can get to about Randy Rhoads metal by itself. Keep in mind that I speak of the head and 212 version. The 112 doesn't have as many controls. The 212 is about 600 bucks so save up for it if you can. You won't be disappointed.