I am right now looking at getting a 15 watt tiny terror amp head. Im wondering how loud can this thing get?

I was playing at a local guitar center a used 5 watt crate tube amp and that thing got real loud so i was wondering if i hook this thing up to a good cab, can i go out and gig with it (nothing too big, small clubs)?

Also is it just worth getting the tiny terror amp combo?
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yes it is loud enough, don't know about the combo though, only tried the head.
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i'm getting a TT head this week, as soon as the store gets it in stock... i've heard that it's loud enough, not much clean headroom tho. Since it doesn't have a master volume you have to turn the gain up and then the volume and it gets loud with a mild crunch. I only played it at music store level, but it gets loud fast, and that was at like 9 o clock gain and 9 o clock volume... so i'm hoping its loud enough..

it has enough tone to kill something tho, so if i have to mic it at a gig, then i'll do that, cuz it's pretty sick sounding
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The Tiny Terror is loud enough for gigs definately, I've seen it done.
I wouldn't recommed gigging with a 5 watter though

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its plenty loud. not clean but dirty you definatly will be loud enough for small gigs.
Very loud.

I don't know why people overlook this...if you need to play clean at loud volumes, use the volume knob on your guitar.

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