Anyone with experience buying guitars from Dolphin Music on here, i'd appreciate if you could answer this.

Do the guitars generally come with good quality strings, or would it be better for me to order some that I like, so I can restring right away?


I personally just play with factory strings until one breaks then i get some better quality strings, i like to use ernie ball slinkys
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I would switch the strings to the gauge I like best.
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It's all a matter of preference really. I mean, with all the hype there is over the superfluous crap like coating, treatment etc. etc. there isn't a HUGE difference in strings. It's more or less the gauge that matters than anything else. So if you're playing drop tunings, get a thicker gauge, but if you're standard, I'd imagine they already have it set-up with .009 or .010's already anyway.
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I always change strings as soon as i get a new guitar. I have bought bran new guitars before that have rusty strings on them. Its not a big deal either way, guitar strings are 7 bucks. Or just play until one breaks and replace them all.
Alright cool, thanks guys. I just have a new set of strings, and I was wondering whether to use them on my current guitar, or wait until christmas when I have a new one? I know, they only cost me £5, but I don't like wasting money too often.