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(Nov. 30) - An underwater camera at an oil and gas drilling site off the coast of Texas has captured a rare sight: a squid with "elbows."

The creature, caught on video by a remote-controlled device owned by Shell Oil, was spotted last November roughly a mile and a half below the surface of the Gulf of Mexico, according to a report in Britain's Telegraph.

First identified ten years ago, the magnapinna squid has long tentacles that hang at right angles from "arms" that jut out from its body. Scientists are still unsure what function the elbows serve, with some suggesting they help prevent the tentacles from getting tangled when trawling for food.

So how will Nintendo use this animal in the next Pokemon game?
Now would the elbows hinder the usage of its tentacles? I imagine it would be harder to wrap itself around stuff if it had elbows.
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Squids with elbows.

I should have expected nothing less.
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lulz is a stupid term used by rectal dwelling wart children.
That's pretty sweet.

EDIT: Holy Hell, that thing's tentacles are long.
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I see no elbows
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Oh dear, Tentacruel's pissed now.
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You know, if you remove the tentacles and the beak, tentacruel kind of looks like marvin martian
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No elbows though.
I'd assume a squid with elbows would be some preevolution.

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thats wierd, i don't see how the elbows would benifit the squid though...

edit:did anyone notice the date at the bottom of the picture(sunday november 11 2007)?

i dont think this is new or news for that matter
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Excuse me sir, but that is a Octopus, not a squid.

Darn, I tried.
Well we don't know how the elbows affect the squid, as we don't know how it hunts. Seeing as it stays stationary in the water (must be VERY deep down). It most likely "floats" near the surface, with it's tentacles "touching" the bottom feeling for prey, the elbows could help spreading the arms out. Atleast that's what I though of when I saw the vid.
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Finally, I can realise my fantasy of having an arm wrestling tournament with squid.
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Dang that videos really scary.
The squid reminds me of the octopus things on the sewer level on Starwars on the N64.
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That Pokemon's name is Wenissquid. A part of you elbow is caled 'wenis'.

Subtle, yet disgusting.

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Dad works for oil company?

Nope, he's a squid with elbows.
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That is based on a jellyfish...

By the looks of that picture it's also got some motherfooking attitude
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the video kinda reminded me of cloverfield...
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That thing looks WEIRD!!!

It's tentacles are like 50 feet long, and it looks vaguely like those aliens from Independance Day.

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What if you were snorkeling or something and ran into that?
Let's just say that there would be a pretty big brown area in the water...
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Elbow Squid used Friendly Nudge! It's super effective!

Squid are amazing though. I've watched about 5 hours of squid documentaries, because I'm cool like that.

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