ive been looking on awesome reviews of the Crate V Series V18-212 18W 2x12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp, but i cant find any store who sells or ships to europe.

ive comed to the conclusion that i most own the crave v18, but its just darnd i cant find a shop that will ship it to denmark:s
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There is a lot of Great Amps Manufacturer in the UK they cost more then a crate though...

Check Ebay or umm.. any other type oh site like that.
or ask a local Music shop to order one for you.
the thing is i kinda got hooked on this amp, but do u think i could get anything at the same level to the same price? cause i think that would be hard
well ive been looking for a practice amp for ages now, cause i have a 100w amp now and its way to loud for nabours, but anyway i kinda got hooked by wactching reviews and stuff.
tho im not sure if i should buy it cause i use to go down to music shops and try the amp out before buying it.