Where is the center C on the fretboard?

I am learning to read and write music, and the books talks about the center C on the piano? Where would this be on a guitar fretboard?
pretty sure its the 3rd fret of the A string is your middle C
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pretty sure its the 3rd fret of the A string is your middle C

In notation yes, but guitar sounds an octave below written.
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In terms of written music, the middle C is half way between the bass and treble clef.

This is akin to the 3rd fret of of your A string. However all guitar is played an octave lower than written, so in reality it's another octave higher than that.

I think.

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The notated middle C for guitar is the root of your standard open C chord. The note of the middle C for the piano or any other non-transposed instrument is an octave up.
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Guitar is an octave below concert pitch. If you're reading guitar music, it's 3rd fret A string. If you're reading piano music, it's 1st fret B string.


props for learning how to read music btw. that's the first thing I did when I picked up gutiar (my black squier strat, haha)
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