Would it be a bad idea to paint my fretboard a solid colour? I want to paint mine black, so I can add some badass white inlays, but I don't want to ruin it completely.


Now that that issue is resolved, how could I remove the current 'dot' inlays in by neck, and replace them with something more exciting?

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i think you can use dyes to darken it, but i think paints would cause problems
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What he said. Dye's should work just fine.
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I'd recommend removing the inlays, dying it, and then redoing your inlays.

How would I go about removing inlays? And then, is it possible to add, say, a 'vine' inlay, running all the way along the fretboard?

How is painting the fingerboard somehow worse than a lacquer-sealed maple fingerboard, the kind you see on countless Strats, RG's, ESP's, Jacksons, Charvels, etc.? Those fingerboards are covered with lacquer, so if you put on a thin coat of black lacquer and covered that with clear lacquer, it would play just like any other maple fingerboard.

I don't see any reason not to, so long as you know what you're doing when it comes to working with lacquer paint. I've seen painted fingerboards before, although, admittedly, on rare occasion.
Well in that case, staining would be a much better option since it's considerably more forgiving than spraying lacquer, you just won't get a gloss finish, if that' what you wanted. You can get more than enough black stain powder concentrate from Lmii in little jars for about $5 apiece, or they might sell some kind of black wood stain at your local hardware shop.
you can either drill out the inlays or blend them in with the vine. Also good luck with a vine inlay! have you got any experience with tools and wood etc. Its not an easy thing to do at all
meh, well then, i guess find somewhere that sells the same stuff over there.

craftsupplies? i dunno whats over there. i tried
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I hope you know to de-fret the board first?
You could just get an ebony board if you prefer not to dye it or don't get the color you want from it.