So, I was looking for a guitar with a Floyd rose bridge, but one that had at least decent tone, and i haven't noticed alot of those... I was looking around, and LTD has come out with this line of guitars that have a Coil tap on them, which basically means you can make your guitar sound like it has single coil pickups with the tap of a button, AND it has a floyd rose bridge, it's called the MH-250. i kinda like it but haven't put alot of play into it yet, what do you guys think of it??? is there anyone who has one, or has picked one up??
Well, I'm don't know about Floyd Roses, but it's been said here many times you shouldn't be getting a Licensed Floyd Rose on a inexpensive guitar.
asthetically it looks nice, but that says nothing about sound. It's not an overly expensive guitar, but ESP makes nice guitars for a low price. I would say it would be good, but don't expect it to be professional grade. I own an MH-1000 and it's an excellent guitar, but it doesnt have a coil tap so if that's what you want then dont get the 1000. My guitar cost me about $1100 CAD and it is excellent, so the 250 should be a good guitar.
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I own one, I think it sounds pretty good, but the licensed floyd rose doesn't stay in tune well. If you're looking for a decent guitar then pick it up, if you're looking for a higher end guitar then get one that has an original floyd
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Never played one, but ESP/LTD gives you the best bang for your buck in low to mid range guitars, imo. I have a KH-202, and the thing plays like a dream. And my licensed Floyd Rose stays in tune pretty well.
i halfway am looking for a high end guitar, I play out about 3-4 times a week, and my group is a metaled out classic rock group. Will this guitar hold up? right now i play a washburn pro-50, how does the coil tap sound in the single coil position? i'm not a big single coil fan, but i like diversity...