Everyone says that some amps don't sound good with pedals and I don't know which ones! I want an amp that has wattage around 50-75 and I've found alot for 300.00 or less but people keep saying that pedals would sound horrible on them. Does anyone know any amps like what I said that actually sound good with pedals and stompboxes.
Digital amps (Spiders/Vypyrs etc) aren't very good with pedals because of the amount of digital shaping of the tone in the Pre and power amp. Amps with less digital modelling (SS or Tube) is more open to pedals because of the less sophisticated shaping of the tone.
Yeah I knew the digital thing but what amp should I get? I play rock, metal, punk, grunge and other genres like that. I play with a band and in gigs. So any suggestions?
this is a pretty predictable suggestion, but crate V50 and a digitech bad monkey to boost the amps gain

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