I say "...Incubus?" because that's the best comparison I can come up with offhand, and it's mainly because of the singer. Anyway, we're a four-piece based in Colorado. We only formed in October so we haven't had much exposure yet. We do have some demos, though. You can hear some of them here or here . Any impressions are welcome!

Please note that we are not nor do we claim to be total visionaries. We're just in it to (try to) make good music.
And for those in the Denver area, we'll be playing January 10th at Hodi's Half Note, located on College Avenue in Fort Collins. Turn out if you can!
I just wanted to make a correction, that the show Jan 10th is at Everyday Joe's and not Hodi's. Also there is a show January 8th at the Lion's Lair in Denver. Thanks again to anybody who has taken the time to give us a look!
I like this stuff and I live in Colorado, what a coincidence xD
I'll have to check out that gig.
Thanks for the comments guys!
NckSprks: If you can make it you should definitely come!
Speedy: It's actually a cello
New show posted, new recordings and an actual picture of the band should be coming soon too..
There's finally a band picture on our myspace! And also a reminder that the Denver show is tomorrow, for anyone in the area. All bands involved sound solid so it should be a good time!
Sounds pretty cool. Plus the girl cello player helps you get a bit of a gimmick for promotion
Thanks guys. We give out free 5-song demos at our shows as it happens. By the way, the first two shows went great. I can only hope the rest go just as well.

New pictures are up, including some from the aforementioned gigs
^Thanks, there's a new number we've been working on that has an amazing guitar tone. I desperately want to upgrade my amp but that will take some time. We're doing a lot of refining all the time, because we have only been averaging one practice per week since we formed last October. Needless to say, much fine-tuning to do, but considering we have a solid 9 song set and 4 or 5 more songs in the works (we haven't worked out our first cover yet ), I don't consider it a bad start...
The Cello mixed to one side with the guitar opposing it and everything else centered is brilliant. The Cello itself is what truly puts this over the top. The tunes are solid on their own but the extra melody and timbre of a bowed stringed instrument really makes a big difference.

Distorted guitar tone is a little muddy for my taste, but not bad. The production (beside the guitar-cello thing) is a little flat. Some backing vocals wouldn't hurt... Particularly since the melodies are pretty strong. Oh, put some reverb on the vox and cymbals; should give it some breathing room.

The guitar on "Keeping You Awake" is sick though. Hell, that song is sick... Arrangement-wise you could probably finger-pick (or picking pattern) the guitar around 3:00 minutes and have the dynamics of it pick up a bit more with the gain. But man, what a song.
Really great quality recordings, and the tracks are really nice too, props guys.
You guys are awesome. I like this stuff a lot. If you ever want to play a show in New York, I'll help you organize it/play with you.
Thanks for the comments guys, I'm very happy this is being well received.

RadioMuse, our singer/guitarist does the production work so I'll mention those points to him. We are currently moving in the direction of adding backup vox and double-tracked guitars and stuff, to 'fill out' the recordings a bit, but those versions will likely not be on MySpace but rather whatever we decide to try to sell first. I think the plan is to try and sell some cheap but reamped demo CD's at our shows. It's also cool that you're diggin on Keeping You Awake because that's one of my personal favs but it has one of the lowest play counts on our player.

hardrock1315, thanks a lot man, appreciate the offer. I'm guessing it may be a fair amount of time before we make it so far as the east coast, though. We've only booked four shows total in our own state thus far. Though, to be honest the band is moving quicker than any of us guessed as far as our own productivity, so who knows? One thing's for sure, I can't wait to tour. If NY comes up on the route I'll give you a call.

enomushiki, a good friend made a similar comparison, and I didn't hear it until then.
Really liked this stuff!
Seemed like the vocals could have been a touch louder at times, but that might just be me
Keep it up!
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Really kool. Is it ok if I myspace friend you guys, lol?

I can definitely see some Incubus type vibes, very catchy songs without being overly simple. Your singer has a very expressive voice, be sure to take advantage of that. As for the cello, I'm a tiny bit skeptical. It sounds amazing in certain parts, very unique, but in others it seems a bit forced. But what do I know? Anyway, you guys have a really nice sound, and I'll definitely wait for your US tour.

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Gracias, gracias.
New show up (Mine to Own), plus we will be playing tomorrow at Hodi's Half Note in Ft. Collins along with Roe and the Autumn Film. Doors at 8 PM. We'll be debuting two brand new songs there. Anyone in the area should be there!
Just had another listen, i don't know if there are new songs on since i last checked. I need to say again the Cello is amazing, i wish i could play the cello! Production is great, vocals are very good indeed. Guitar parts could be a little more inventive maybe, but to be honest it suits this sort of music well.

All in all. 9/10. Fantastic!