So I was playing along to some megadeth and at the last solo of Hangar 18, i went for a divebomb and MOST of my whammy bar went where i wanted it to go...but the last 3/4 of an inch or so got stuck in my bridge(the rest of the whammy bar broke off).
So how am i supposed to get this out...?
Screwdriver + A Hammer + Freak around = Solution.
Oh Yeah!

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what guitar is it?
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take the bridge out?

props on the great music selsction
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does the last solo of hangar 18 uses the whammy bar??

One of the last ones does, maybe not the very last.

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I did this once with my old squier, just snapped the thing right off, leaving half stuck in the thread hole. My uncle had some kind of tool that you can drill in the piece left in and just twist it out, i think its called a tap or sumthin. worked for me