I'm thinking about buying some EMG's, and how hard would it be for me to replace them myself, or should I get a professional to do it?
Get a proffesional to do it because if you do it wrong they will sound ****tier than the pickups you have now. I had two humbuckers put in my guitar for about 50 bucks at the local music store and it took about 2 hours.
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You'd probably have to replace pots and things too, it's easier to get a tech to do it.

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well my guitar teacher helped me put a new pickup in my SG. You just take off the pickguard and backplate, unscrew the pickup, use a solder to remove the soldering on the back, stick in the new pickup, and resolder. it was a little tricky for us because there was so much soldering on the original pickup wire that we had to cut off the wire, and solder the new ground to the old wire. Works fine for me. But if you don't have somebody with you thats done this type of stuff before you shouldnt risk doing it by yourself. Unless you find like a step by step guide or something. But preferably get it done at a shop. And it really doesnt take two hours... Took us less than one to put in my new one.
you dont need a bloody tutorial to desolder and solder in some pickpups....

All you have to do TS is to unsolder everything and take everything out. with EMGs, you need new pots (25k) and a new output jack (stereo)
with the Emgs, you just follow their wiring diagram on their website. You will also need a 9V battery.
What electronics do you already have in the guitar now? I could get you a wiring diagram if you'd like

plus "professionals" rip you off.