see the problem you have is that u have brought a preamp...not an audio interface...if ur plannin to run the output on it into the onboard sound on ur computer you have just wasted all ur money cus it will still sound crap. u need an audio interface whether this b a fireware/USB or PCI card. this will improve the quality of ur sound no end. ID recommend going with M-audio and gettin a fastrack pro if u want something portable or an M-audio Delta 44/66 maybe the 1010lt if ur budget stretches that far. hope this helps a bit
so if i purchased the M-audio Delta 44, how would i set it up ? with the mics and preamp ?
basically u run ur mics into the preamp you have. then u run the outputs of the preamp into the inputs on the delta. the whole point of the preamp is to give the signal coming from the microphones the best quality signal to go into your interface so you get the best quality. The audio buddy uve brought is pretty good from what ive read (im about to buy one for my delta 44)
thanks for the help now i just need to save up the money to buy the delta

one last question, will the mics that i have give a good quality ?
should give u a fair amount tbh. I can't see them being that bad..u could do a whole lot worse trust me
Those mics are known for having a fair performance on a budget. There's a review of them by Moody, one of the forum regulars, in the stickied review thread at the top of the forum.
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thats good

now once i get an interface how would i set up to record ? like what would plug into where ?