I pretty much had only heard Carol of the Bells, but the entire show blew my expectations out of the water with 10000lbs of explosives.

Dear god when they busted out O Fortuna i practically needed to change my pants and then it leading into Requiem i started to 'gasm a little.

Similar experiences with Trans-Siberian Orchestra?
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Nah, never seen em', but I've heard the CDs several times.

Talented bunch, those guys.
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Yes lol Ive seen them about 4 times now, going again this year. wicked show. that male singer reallly has a low voice its crazy. guitarists arent half bad either although i remember one time at the scale part of the carol of the bells where he takes it up to the highest octave, he lands on the wrong note ( a semi tone away) you could tell only a few people picked it up and ruined the song lmao. the hwole show however was just amazing
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seen em saturday for the 2nd time, they are so much win its not even funny. Best music ive ever heard, best show too. The only band that can compete is Tool.

...o and in case your wondering they falcon punch manheim steamroller in the face...
They are coming to Ottawa in a few days and i really want to see them, but i dont think there are any tickets left

They are a great band. The songs start out so calm, but it just builds to thunder.
they are awesome. their live show is brilliant. i went last year for the first time. unfortunately i couldn't go this year.
Saw them with Pitrelli and Angus Clark. Amazing show. Got to meet them afterwords.