My finger nails aren't long enough to play with yet. I have tried playing with a thin pick but my guitar rattles and makes buzzing noises when I do that. What should I do? Is it even possible to play with a pick on a classical guitar without it buzzing?
are they new strings? because that gives off a buzz until they tighten also you might have too much tension on them.
ive never played with my nails.
and i finger pick on my steel string all the time.
lol my finger tips are like rock.
but i think it sounds much better than finger nails.
play with whatever you want.
if you want to pick with a quarter your entire music career, go for it man (or woman, idk if your a dude).
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You can play with whatever you want. I'd recommend nails, but you can use flesh or a pick. Jüst depends what you're going to play.

As for the buzzing, does it only happen at certain frets? Is it all over the guitar?
Hmm, is it a cheap guitar? It's probably just an odd buzz the guitar has got and it might not be worth your time trying to fix it.
i agree with confusius, and i play my classical with flesh, nail, and pick (not all at the same time of course...) and i've never had any problem switching between them. there shouldn't be rules as to how you play your guitar, as long as you like the tone ur getting. when people say "it's a classical, play with your fingers" it makes me kinda....not mad but maybe a little irate cuz rules are what keeps music from progressing you know?
by the way how thin are the picks your using? i used to use 45s and 50s with my classical.
What, you cut your finger nails? How long are they? You only use 1/16th of an inch when you pick with your nails. It's fine you can use a pick if want to, but depends on what your playing of course.
I actually don't like having my nails long when I finger pick, I find it gets in the way. Also I play electric a lot and when tapping or something like that nails can mean disaster. And no one says you can't use a pick. I used a Jazz III with my new guitar today for a bit .

But if you would like to keep your nails short (like me) yet you still want to have something more than flesh to pick with, I recommend Alaska picks. Google them. Hands down, IMO the best finger picks. I'm actually contemplating getting some, even though I typically use flesh to pick. They're truly amazing products.