Yes, here is another - but this is different: I'm very proficient an setting up guitars, and I recently went from a 1/2 down tuning to standard 440 E tuning, both using 10 strings.

I had to do a bridge setup, neck adjustment, re-string, etc., and I've got the tremolo "parallel" to the body. I can't remember the exact position of the tremolo when I first bought it - I've had to adjust the action so it's in a different location. The question is this:

Should the bottom of the tremolo plate line up with the top of the body or the middle of the body, while still remaining parallel?

I set the string height to factory ESP settings on the low and high E strings by adjusting the pivot points at the knife edge. I think this places the bottom of the bridge plate in the correct position, but I'm not sure. I've had the bottom of the plate level witt the top of body ... I've had it about 50/50 into the cutout and parallel.

I guess I'm thinking the strings should pretty much be flat along the fretboard when copo @ 1st fret and fretted at last fret (strings shouldn't rise upward from the nut to the tremolo?). I think they should be relatively in-line and level.

Does a floating tremolo usually set on top of the body or partially inside the routing? Thanks for the help!
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