I just bought 2 tickets for Arctic Monkeys January 22nd 2009 at Hordern Pavilion in Sydney (they changed it from the Enmore in case you didnt know). Who else is coming? I know there are alot of Australian Arctic Monkeys fans out there. Theres gotta be some in the Pit.
I like the Monkeys, but I live in Hobart..
45 days without my precious UG...

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Arnt the first few things anyone learns on a guitar is

1. Nirvana - smells like teen spirit
2. Prince - Smoke on the water
3. White stripes - seven nation army
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Not what you meant? Oh....

Hey you can add anything to the conversation you like... Please?

This thread isnt doing to well...
i honestly thought that when i clicked this thread your post would be somewhere along the lines of "blood?"
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I feel bad looking at porn simply because of the ol' story that a lot of those girls were molested as children, But I've never heard of midgets being molested, so it doesn't matter to me anymore, as that's the only kind of porn I watch.