So im trying to decide wether i should focus on picking with my wrist or my arm..

Wrist - Can play in any position, get tired slower
Arm - Much easyer chord to single string transition, easyer to sync with whats left hand doing

Right now i can do pretty much everything at the same level with both but since ive mostly played while sitting or lieing down my wrist has gotton alot more practice(like a years worth) infact i think the first time i thought of using my whole arm to play was like a week ago and everything just seems so effortless that way except for some joint pain after playing i had at first but its starting to go away by now soo... maybe somebody with bigger experience base can provide me with an epiphany or something
You're gonna wanna stick your wrist. It gives you more pinpoint control because you only have the weight of your hand and not your whole arm. For chord-only phrases it's acceptable to use your arm, in fact it always it, but you will get tired with only your arm, most likely.
1 - You'll never be able to strum as fast as you could with wrist action.
2 - It's just noob.
I only use my wrist, my arms get too tired. Unless I'm doing chords besides power chords, I only use my wrist.
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^Well said. Sometimes people take the "wrist not arm" thing too literally, and "freeze" their arm, which is not good either. If you aim for mostly wrist movement, while allowing a bit of sympathetic (as in the arm is allowed to move, but is not driving the picking motion) arm movement, then you are in good shape. As FP said, the arm is needed for some things - one more is when you are crossing several strings. For example, you are doing an alt picked run going from the 5th to 2nd strings. In this case, you are still doing all the fast picking with your wrist, but as you cross strings you move your elbow to keep the wrist picking motion centered on the string you are current picking.
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