People live thier lives staring at a T.V screen
Blind to the twisted ways of their society
Greed, power, and money will only make you blind
It's time to open your eyes...

To the twisted ways of the corporations
and the suits who run them
The rich get richer while the poor stay poor
Surviving of the scraps the upper class drop on the floor

We're spoon fed bull**** all of our lives
The T.V screen manipulates our minds
People blindly follow their leadership
Like a dog followes a bone...end any ideas for a fourth stanza or tips to fix it up. thanks.
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like a dog follows a bone...and an actor the script

my piece "my reply" is kinda about this too..i share your philosophy.

Although if you want an honest crit id say it was an old idea rewritten well..Not allways a bad thing, though.
is it a punk song?
In all honesty, meh.
It is a rewritten cliche filled angsty punk song. I would suggest trying to be a bit more abstract. Stuff like Idiot Box instead of TV. Humor to convey a message can work well. And that is only one of the many things you can do opposed to the same old "Baw, Tv sux, Govt sux, Money sux"
Sorry if I come off as an ass it's just Punk isn't my thing and Cliche-punk makes me even more sad.
Also I don't think mods like Crit4crit in titles, I won't report but i think it would be best to remove it.

saying this though... c4c on my Holograms If you want.
this one is for you.