does anyone have a decent guide for fitting led lights on your fret board or anythingl ike that
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its possible but very hard, you need to pretty much take your fretboard off or route a channel along the back of your neck for wires, although the truss rod will be in the way for that.
If you want to, you could route a channel down the middle of the fretboard and cover it up some how or route a channel down the side where the side dots are for the wires.

Its not an easy job
assuming the fretboard is rosewood or ebony, you'd have to take off the fretboard to do the work, not an easy task. it would be easiest to do if you're building a neck, and just install them during the build.
I don't know how its done but www.auroraproject.co.uk did mine and they don't remove the fingerboard or channel up the truss rod , You can try to ask them.
When I got my neck back I still don't know how they did it
two words:
Fiber-optics. takes much less space.
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this is a very difficult task, and almost useless, imo. Spend the time you'd spend building this and practice, then you'll amaze people with your skills, and not your cool little diodes on your guitar.

by the way, the searchbar has a guide to your problem,
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if yr doing this just to add leds to a guitar, then dont. cus it's lame and stupid.

now if yr doing this and intend to do something actually clever and somewhat marginally unique i suggest you research arduino controlled leds so your lights will do something somewhat, but barely, interesting.
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