invader jim is the expert on restoring old/ vintage guitars, have you seen his profile
he will be in this thread soon for sure
I would not refinish it! That IMO kills whatever vintage awesomeness it has to it.
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Well, it may be hard not to, but DO NOT refinish it. It'll never sound the same again if you do. It's not a tone-freak thing either. You WILL hear a difference, and you probably won't like what you hear. I learned this the hard way... ANd since it's so old and not obsolete, it could be quite valuable. Refinishing it will cut it's value in half or more.

You can, however, wax it. I use Mother's Carnauba Cleaner Wax with TREMENDOUS results. I made a '96 Squier MIM strat that had been in a garage for 7 years look BRAND NEW. The guy shat himself when he saw it the next day.

For any metal parts, I use Mother's Mag and Aluminum Polish. Be careful, though, because it'll take gold plating right off (learned that the hard way, too). It's perfectly safe for chrome plating. I've used it on several of my vintage guitars with no ill effects.
what did i say, the king of vintage restoration has arrived and has spread his words of wisdom
Hey Invader Jim, did you get "fills little scratches" results from that wax? I'm looking for a wax that will fill in little tiny scratches and bring a shiny yet scratch-having finish to a smooth shine...any waxes that worked for ya like that?

To the TS, I can also say from experience that refinishing a vintage guitar will decrease it's value by as much as an order of magnitude...
Don't do anything to it. The cracks in the finish are known as "checking" and is something that only happened on some types of lacquer. The vintage lacquers that did check are said to sound better and typically they are worth more.

Wax on an acoustic changes tone and not in a good way, you have an acoustic so don't wax it.

Refinishing a guitar shags it's resale value and new finishes don't sound like the vintage ones so chances are it's not going to sound as good.

The only resorting you should do to that guitar is a string change and a wipe down with soft cotton rag.
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^I still have to disagree... On electric guitars then yeah, but not for acoustic guitars. Using wax on an acoustic will only end badly.
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Lumberjack or I never said anything about using it on acoustics.

Good to know, btw, but how does it detriment the tone of an acoustic? Wax/silicon buildup hindering the free vibrations of the wood?
^yeah, among other things. It's another coating of stuff that dampens tone AND adds weight which also changes vibrations.
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