Short song I wrote, starts metal, goes into acoustic.

Plan on writing some sort of solo over the fade out at the end, but havn't yet.

Like all my tabs, this doesn't have bass or drums yet.

Tell me what you all think

Edit; Forgot to mention, if anyone can think of a better fill between the breakdown/chorus bit back to the second riff then I would really like to hear it, because i'm not happy with what I have at the moment (the harmonized sweeps)
Short song.zip
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Some of the stuff in there is probably impossible for me to do at that speed. The song has a lot of technical progress to it. I really liked the chord sweeps. I just wish that you add drums and bass to it. Overall, I thought that the song was great,.

I'm glad you liked it.

The only bit that i can't play is after the repeat of the second riff, there is a little fill that I should really practice a bit or something.