I'm a noob to guitars, I play a guitar that is made for right hand so i play it the other way around and i dont change the order of the strings, is that alrite or do i have to change the string order??

I also pluck the strings with my thumb sometimes and I dont get how the whammy bar thing works :/...
Yes you have to change the order of the strings or buy a left handed guitar, because the notes will be different.
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Quote by Birchall17
Yes you have to change the order of the strings or buy a left handed guitar, because the notes will be different.

Actually, I believe some people play guitar with the strings upside down aswell.

Edit: Yeah, look on wikipedia at left handed musicians and there is a list of people who play like that.

I wouldn't reccomend it though, unless you want a really unique style it will make it awkward to play conventional things I imagine.
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So you're a lefty playing a righty? You need to change the order of the strings, which means buying new ones and putting them on there. It's way easier than it sounds. It's alright to pluck with your thumb, Wes Montgomery did it and if he was still alive today he could blow anybody out of the water. The whammy bar moves the metal bridge it's connected to and it makes all the strings bend up. I'm assuming you have a ****ty guitar, so you only push the bar down and it will work.
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im a lefty and lemme tell you it takes forever to find a decent lefty guitar - i usually have to get mine from half way across the country because there aren't that many of us - its not a good idea to play with a righty electric since the cutaway isn't as pronounced and you cannot reach the full range of frets easily - acoustic with no cutaway is not big deal but switch the strings around or else looking at tabs is gonna be kinda weird
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Just because you're left handed doesnt mean you have to play guitar lefty.

That may be completely out of the question, but since youve just begun, you might be able to adjust quickly. If you switch to righty, then you'll have a much more enjoyable time buying new guitars, and you wont have to reset your strings or intonation.

It's worth a shot, and it'd probably feel akward at first, but it is possible. Michael angelo batio (ridiculously fast shredder) is right handed but taught himself to play lefty so he could play 2 necks at once.

Thats not to say that there have been countless great lefty's though. It's just that life can be easier sometimes for a righty.