Hey guys,

I've sort of started to learn to strum. I don't know all the techniques for strumming so could Anyone just fill in the gaps in my knowledge i.e. What i should or shouldn't be doing. This is my idea of strumming so please correct me if i'm wrong, tell me what i'm forgetting to do and also please give me some advice too

My idea of strumming:

Keep your strumming arm in a pendulum motion even if your not hitting any strings.

Give your strumming arm's wrist a flicking motion(please tell me how much my wrist should be flicking)

Thats all i know about strumming technique.

My questions about strumming are

how do i to use a metronome to practice strumming and also how do i strum without a pick?

Also i noticed that when i change from a 6 string chord to a 5 or a 4 string chord 1 or two strings continue to ring even though it's not susposed to. I know it's because i'm not doing something tho.

here is an example: When changing from em7 to cadd9, the the low e string isn't meant to ring for cadd9 but it is meant to be played open for em7. So when i change from em7 to cadd9, it is like i am playing all 6 strings while holding the cadd9 chord but what is really happening is that the low e string was already ringing before i even played the cadd9 chord. Could sum1 help me fix this coz it's really been bugging me

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Just strum a bunch. Get comfortable strumming. Eventually you'll develop your own strumming style.
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I remember learning to strum. I was so excited that I was making it to the next step. Now you'll really start to notice some progress.

You're pretty much right on with your interpretation of it. The flicking motion all depends on how hard or soft you want to hit the strings to make them louder or softer. Just hold the pick, but not too tight, and strum all the strings. Practice a bunch of down strokes until you get that down, then practice up strokes until you get it. Then use both.

The metronome could come once you get the motion down. It helps you keep time with the song you're playing. Set it to a moderate tempo and strum down with the light, then up with the next. It's a pretty easy concept so it should come quickly.

Best of luck man.
Can't help on the strumming without a pick.

Keep your arm and wrist as loose as possible! That's the main thing. For how to use a metronome with strumming practice, see my sig.

Your wrist should flick a lot or a little depending on the sharpness of tone you want. Basically, see how you feel totally loose then use a little more wrist for a sharper tone on accents. That'd be my way to look at it.
Another thing is to just let your own style develop. Keep loose like Freepower said. It'll all come together with enough practice.
find YOUR way of strumming, it will be obvious if your doing something wrong. practice. go at an angle with your pick to the strings so you it the ones you want and it sounds cleaner as well.
Ok, re: your edit, basically what you're missing out is muting. When you change to the Cadd9, your middle finger should be slightly touching the low E string and that should stop it ringing out.

Check out my youtube unwanted noise vid to see how it works for lead lines - it's the same principle but you're using different fingers.