I feel like this is my hundredth time! I bought a B-52 AT100 halfstack about a year ago and have been pleased with it, but it does not suit my tastes. It is a high gain amp and does not have the distortion I am looking for, but it has beautiful cleans. I'm planning on selling it.

What I am looking for is a medium gain amp that can do indie/blues/pop-punk music. I've had my eye on an Orange AD30 for a long time and there is one on ebay that I'm planning on bidding on unless you guys can convince me otherwise.

I'm looking for a head, my price range is <$1200 and I am not a fan of metal at all.
I have a '72 Thinline Telecaster. I'm gigging so 30W or more.

Bands I like are Brand New, Dangerous Summer, Circa Survive, Brightwood, The Get Up Kids, Thrice, Something Corporate, Manchester Orchestra and others in that area. I'm a big fan of the blues and would like my amp to be able to handle that fairly well.

If you can get an Orange I don't see any reason to think of anything else. Great amps
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Instead of buying a new amp why don't you try out a few pedals first?
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Triple Rec? haha

I'm not really interested in pedals. I've never really heard any that piqued my interest, but then again, I haven't spent much time testing them out.