ok, so i have a yamaha MW12 mixer, and i use cubase sx3. When i bought the yamaha it installed a driver, and when i went to select it in cubase, it said it couldn't be opened. So i checked the yamaha site for updates, and i downloaded the newest driver, and the same message popped up.

Please someone help me, idk what's wrong.
check your audio preferences/settings??

if you installed ASIO correctly you should be able to select ASIO from that menu.

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If your copy of Cubase is genuine, then you will be entitled to support from Steinberg, drop them an email about your problem. Or Yamaha. That's what I would do.

As for the meantime, where are you trying to select the Yamaha? You should be able to select the correct driver within Devices> Device setup> VST Audiobay
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