Bob Molton's Marshall Cabinet Tone Secrets

Finally got around to doing the mods above and let me tell ya it actually made a hell of a deference. Sealed the gaps, tightened the screws and fixed the center piece of wood. I did leave out one thing, I don't think taking a garden hose to cab is to smart of an idea. But she does sound alot better now, the bass response improved ten fold. It also cured some a resonance issue I was having. So if you have a Marshall cab I highly recommend it.

And that said this stuff should have really been done from the factory. Hell my $150 epi cab has it done from the factory. But oh well a few bucks in sealant isn't going to set anyone back. So for a few bucks you can make a good cab great.

And now the pics..



Top hole was factory, dead center is my fix
I always like seeing these 'reviews', even if it's something small like sealing a cab - it is interesting to hear of such a difference.

I'll admit I winced a bit at the top hole from the factory - for as much as 1960B's go for new it's a shame they can't mind some of these kinds of details.
Makes me want to sell my 1960A...
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It really is sad that this isn't done from the factory.

I thought the garden hose thing was silly as well.
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