I'm sorry if this is against the rules, or has been posted already, but anyway...

Does anyone know the key differences between the Ibanez RG Prestige and the Ibanez RG Tremolo? I've been looking on google forever, and nobody has compared the two seires of guitars. Thanks,
What? You mean Prestige vs non-Prestige?

The Prestige RGs have better trems, the 'Tremolos' don't.
The Prestiges are built in Japan, the others are built in Indonesia (I think)
The Prestiges have somewhat better pickups
The Prestiges have Wizard necks compared to the 'Tremolos' Wizard II
The hardware on the Prestiges is probably better
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Prestige series have: Better pick ups, better hardware, better neck, Neck through construction, ect, everything is better
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Ibanez says that the Tremolo series has an Edge III tremolo and a Wizard II neck and two humbuckers. But the Prestige has a Wizard neck and an Edge Zero bridge and three pickups (H-S-H) rather than the two (H-H).

These are very subtle differences. This difference between the Wizard and the Wizard II is the the Wizard is a five piece as opposed to a three piece. That's all I've got for you man.
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In short, quality.

Others have posted several differences, but the bottom line is that Prestiges are better quality instruments. Not just the hardware and pickups, but also the wood. If they get, say, 10 pieces of wood, the best ones will become prestiges and the rest will be the normal models. Not saying that the normals are bad, but with a Prestige you know you get a good instrument (assuming they've got good quality control, and Ibanez generally does).
Yeah as stated the main difference is quality. I think also the prestiges are built from basswood as opposed to mahogony but I could be wrong. The prestiges also have jumbo frets, i think the normal ones have medium frets.

Essentially, you are paying extra for the quality feel of a jap made instrument. It is well worth it imo, although the non-prestiges are still built pretty well. Also the trem on the prestige models is better.
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I have an rg550 and definitely better than the prestige.

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