So a year ago I got an ibanez sz, and ive loved it since.

its a few days ago i started noticing that when bending/vibrato-ing the 14th fret of the G string, it feels like the fret is rough, making it harder to bend fast. on all the other frets it bending seems completely smooth.

my guess is that its because ive been playing the lick in the solo of the trooper by iron maiden way too much, so my fret has been shaved abit.

I dont have a spare set of strings around right now, so do you guys think that i need to replace my fret or is it just the string thats scratched up?

(i hope its clear)
well next time you change strings (if the problem isn't too annoying) file down the fret that is giving you trouble a bit. i always rub my frets with some steel wool when i change strings to keep them nice and smooth. if it persists after that you may want a luthier to look at it.

Edit: to answer your question it is probably the string. it wouldnt make sense to make strings that are able to cut into frets. i mean frets wear down but that takes years.
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I think I know what you mean, you probably built up a lot of gunk around that fret from playing the riff so much, and some of the varnish of whatever it is has probably come off making it feel less smooth.
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^ yeah, the gunk under the strings has happened to me before as wel, so that may be the problem
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ill go pick up some new strings and see if it helps, but i doubt that its because of gunk builing up.when i rub my finger under the string theres no dirt and i always play with clean hands.