Hey guys. I have an Epi LP Custom and an Epi SG G-310. Suprisingly enough, the SG is a really solid guitar and I use it for dropping down a step when playing stuff like Death.
But I don't really know much about strings, I buy 10-49's (I Think that's it) for standard playing. Obviously, when I'm tuning down a step on the SG I run into fret buzz, innotation and tension issues.

TL;DR, What is the right string gauge (Or one you recommend) for tuning down a step?
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I use 12s for that kinda tunings.
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I used to play in drop C with 10s. I personally think that it's a matter of setup and touch. Generally people seem to like thicker strings for lower tunings and stuff, but I play with .008s in standard tuning. My buddy can't play my guitar without fretting out, buzzing and wiggling the strings to ****, but I love it. Again, a matter of touch and taste.
i perfer 10's when i'm playing a step but anything lower i perfer 12's.

they are usually dunlops on the ibanez's and DR's On jacksons.
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I use 10-52s personally
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For me, I use 11-49 or 11-50 depending on which string brand I buy.
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11s for D. I use 9 - 46s on my Hellraiser for Standard, and the guitar is a 25.5in scale neck, but i'd use 10 - 52 in 24.75in scale necks, so maybe an 11 - 54 for going down to D? If you use 10 - 46 or 49 for standard, then maybe a stock 11 - 52 string gauge will work well for you.