Okay so I got the Metal Zone pedal way back, and now I realize it sounds like crap. I barely use it anymore and just use the gain on my amp. I'm probably gonna return it and get a different one. Any ideas?

Amp - Traynor DG15R

I like to play a lot of metal

My budget is around 100-200 dollars, the closer to 100 (without sacrificing good sound), the better.


Is it just me not putting the pedal on good enough settings? What should I set it too? I have never found anything I've truely liked and I've messed around for a while
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The store I bought it from has like a year return policy as long as it's in perfect condition and you have the box and everything

Anyways even if I can't return it I'll just buy a new one
i have a friend who hates that pedal too
personally, i really like my marshall distortion pedal. i bought the guv'nor for like 70 bucks CAN, and its SOOOO nice. imo its got great tone, awesome overdrive, everything.
marshall makes 3 dif overdrive/dist pedals, bluesbreaker (for classic rock/blues rock stuff), guv'nor (pretty much a jcm800 in a stompbox) and the jackhammer (the metal pedal of the bunch.
i play a lot of metal, and the guv'nor seems to handle it fine. i play metallica, led zeppelin, lamb of god, gojira, black sabbath, that kinda stuff, and it does it all pretty well. i havent tried the jackhammer, but ive watched demo videos and it sounds pretty nuts.
i dunno, look on youtube for some videos on them, and definitely go try em out urself. i think you'll be happy with what u hear.
Demo videos tricked me into buying the metal-zone
Everything sounds better when used by a pro on a 10000000 dollar amp
The SD Mayhem is cool, so is the Rocktron Silver Dragon, thats what I hav.
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Try the sansamp gt-2 or amt california pedal

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Well, If you wanna stay Boss, I'd recomend a MD-2 Mega Distortion, WAAYYYY better than the Metal Zone or Metal Core pedals.

I hear a lot of good things about EHX Big Muff Pi, I haven't gotten the chance to try one myself though.
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i have a friend who hates that pedal too
personally, i really like my marshall distortion pedal.

+1, I bought a Guv'nor Plus at GC on Friday for $30 because it was on sale, and I must say, for $30, it's a pretty awesome distortion pedal. Better than the stock MT-2 for sure.

But... I'd really look into just getting a new amp in your situation.
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I bet if you got something like a Crate V5, your metal zone wouldn't sound THAT bad.
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I just got the Metal Zone it sounds damn good if you've got the right stuff. I took my Boss GE-7 Graphic Equalizer and fixed more lows and less treble into it since the Metal Zone has way too much treble and then I finished it of with the Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor which takes out the rest of the feedback and puts a tighter sounds in chugs and higher leads.

So don't take it back yet cause it has great potential. You can basically do this with any pedal. Although I prefer the tone I have now over my friend's Metal Muff and Metal Core pedals.
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^Then save your money for a good amp and you won't need a distortion pedal.