Out of curiousity (im not sure myself which id say yet..) which do you think is most important in really getting your feelings out of your guitar?

Im not gonna lie, from the posts ive seen here (i dont post alot, but i use the forums quite alot) people are pretty blunt and closeminded to one or the other, saying 'playing by ear' is pathetic. I mean.. I can turn out the lights and fool around on the guitar without looking and i can come across some things that really surprise me, some great sounds.

What do you say??...
Sorry if i posted this in the wrong place. No harm intended
By ear.
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Well, music theory is very useful eitherway.
Like...lets say your writing a certain song with a certain "feel" to it, with knowledge of theory you could find that tonality that you hear in your head.
You don't seem to understand what music theory is. Regardless...

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