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Well, I guess some history is due first. This guitar was originally owned by a friend of mine. Six years ago this guitar fell victim to a flooded basement, and suffered a cracked body and headstock, and just never seemed to play right afterwards. So it was stripped of all hardware, thrown in a closet, and forgotten. I was talking to this friend a few months ago, and asked him whatever happened to it. One thing led to another and he ended up giving me the body and neck for free, making me promise that I would return it to rock glory. So....

Before (Try to imagine it without hardware, I was in a hurry to get started and had no batteries for my camera)

Headstock Cracks (They go all the way through)

I decided to make the thing into my dream guitar, and filled in the neck pickup cavity, two of the knob holes, and the holes for the switch.


And the final product.

Some specs
Body: Basswood
Neck: Maple, bolt on
Tuners: Gotoh
Pickup: EMG 81, 18v
Bridge: Floyd Rose
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What a jammin' re-build! However you pulled off that finish, it looks like it's really "been there", if you know what I mean. Totally rockin' look, congrats on a sweet overhaul.
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That's pretty sweet, it looks like in the picture where you've primed it that the filled in neck pup pocket that it's not sanded flush... is it noticeable at all?

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nicely done sir
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About the strings (in the picture of the headstock with strings), are they on the right way? I believe the part with the loops is put in through the bridge.
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not on floyds, you either put the strings on backwards or snip off the ball end

Kudos to you TS
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^This, and to deftonesordie, you don't notice the other pickup cavity, that other pick is showing some of the paint absorbed into the filler.
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It's lookin' real nice.
It's great how such a boring (IMO) guitar as the KH guitar can be turned into something a lil' more unique looking.

Not my choice on colour, but nicely done
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i dont really see the point

but kudos to you for doing it and so nicely
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