I have an mp3 of this on my profile if you are interested in hearing it. Just asking for critiques on the lyrics though .

Listen to the good people of the world
They've always got a lot to say, because
they know what's on their mind (keep in time)
That everyone's thought about something
To the point where they felt it was important

You can give it all or nothin'
If you wanna let someone in
There's no need to be defensive
All we do is act reprehensive

Hearin' what you say makes me smile wide
there's never a moment where I have to sigh, you
never stop your trying (that's why)
Even though you seem simplistic
I often feel optimistic

No matter how hard you try
I won't calm down
No matter how hard you try
I won't chill out

Nothing's gonna take me from this place
No one can even put a frown on my face, 'cause
I love it in this state (don't get irate)
But I don't wanna bid farewell to here
None of this joy shall disappear

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