Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah soooooooooo.....

Yo man you got trampled by a bee too much to see(oh)
You milkin a cow kung he cung pow(oh)
Eatin fried chickin on yo porch but how?(wat yo say?)
I thought I ****ed your mouth so hard you couldn't speak!(Damn right son)

In a world where theys a lot a hate, you gota wook hawd(yeah son)
just find a man who make you shake(or break)
but you gotta big bottom so its all ok, boo(fake cool)
shake that ass girl but dont break a toe(or 2)
(These both are repeated twice)

Shake nigga, nigga, nigaa,(mAKe YO MONAY$$!!)
Yo better close back door or i gonna break it down fool(drool)
funny til the end, it could due without it

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