Alright so for example if you're playing like and E, or A blues deal. Generally I would just solo in that key and that blues pattern, the usual, but are there any other keys you could solo in that would be "correct" I guess.

I mean I don't really need a big technical explanation since I'm not that great with theory but like if there was like a chart or website or something that would be sweet. Thanks guys.
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If the key is A major/minor, play the A major/minor scale. You are not restricted to those notes, but using all twelve tones effectively is something can comes with years of study and practice.
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When I solo over a A blues progression, I use both A and E minor pentatonic. There are many common notes, as you can notice by the "combination" of E minor and A minor pentatonic at the 12th fret, of course you don't resolve on the same notes as you would when soloing in E.

So as a "silly" rule I use myself, go 3 notes down, and you can use that minor pentatonic scale too. Haven't delved into the major pentatonic yet so can't say anything on it really.
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