OK, this is just a rough snippet of a full song I have written. You can crit the song itself, but what I'm really looking for is advice on the technical stuff: getting a good metal guitar tone, mixing, and drum programming.

Song is "Thrashicus demo" in my profile.
The song is 'boomy' try to leave some space in there for each instrument.
I like. Sounds amazing, man! The song itself is very well written and arranged. However, you could do a couple slight adjustments that'll make it sound alot "tighter".

I think if you cut the gain down just a little, it'll allow each note to be clearly audible. I would also turn the reverb down or off on the rhythm sections, as well. That synth break with the "eastern"-kinda vibe to it should keep the reverb, though.

Sorry, I don't have a recording for you to crit! Hope I helped a little with the suggestions. But, overall, the song was an awesome thrash song. I dug it and I'm sure others will too.
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For future reference, you should always post your equipment if you're asking for help with your recording.

As for the guitar tone? You should cut the gain by at least 2-3 points. Add a good amount of mids!!! I know a lot of guitarists don't use much mids live (me included) but you NEED to when you record or else it sounds thin and muddy. I'd put the mids at at least 6 (out of 10). You should also layer the guitar (if you didn't). When I record I do 2 layers, one panned 100% to the left speaker and one panned 100% to the right and it gets an awesome sound.

As for the drums.. Snare is totally inaudible, turn it up a lot.

Bass guitar is way too loud in general, it's tone is pretty good.

So basically... mix the guitar as I said, turn it up a little, pan two of them, add mids, cut gain. Turn drums up a smidge, turn the snare way up, turn down bass.

BAM! Better recording. By the way the song is pretty cool, too.

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