are they the same thing or can they be used for the same thing? an answer would be lovely
they are not the same thing, as far as i know...
but, an interface is used as kind of an input into your computer for sound..i'm pretty sure a mixer can be used as an interface.
a mixer is used to control levels, EQ, effects and is an amp that feeds into mains and monitors. it amplifies/controls signals that are plugged into it. an ordinary interface doesnt have such a large amount of easily accesible controls and channels...an interface (lets use an m-audio black box, or a korg D4) can control what is plugged into it, but it only has 1 or 2 inputs and sends signal back out via AVI cable or an eigth inch jack. a mixer has generally anywhere from 4 to something crazy like 72 inputs, and has loads of power. usually over 200 watts (i think...im sure i can get low watt ones) and sends your signal into loudspeakers and monitors and usually has aux sends that could be used to go into another external unit. whereas an interface usually only has a preamp and will not be able to push loudspeakers near as hard. and it wouldnt have seperate monitor send volumes, ect......
hopefully this kind of sums it up.....im not super experienced with interfaces, but i think that should cover it^
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