i bought an Ibanez S5470 in red viking on wednesday. it's on backorder til the 1st, so i'm expecting it around the 3rd or 4th. anyway, i remember seeing on the ibanez website a while back an instructional video on adjusting intonation, changing strings, adjusting trem resistance, etc. for the S Prestige. i've never had a tremolo, so that tutorial was really helpful. unfortunately, now that i actually need it, i can't find it. it seems to be gone.

here are my questions:
1. does anybody know the video i'm talking about and/or where i could find it again?
2. do ibanez guitars come with an instruction manual for things like that?
Mm, i remember seeing that video.

The actual content is mediocre (take the guitar to a professional if the trem isn't level...LOL) but it has some really fantastic camera shots that help you understand how it works.