Anyone toyed with one of these babies before? How does it do Brit Crunch and Light Crunch? Metal? Led Zeppelin? GNR?
Watch the video here http://www.proguitarshop.com/product.php?ProductID=879&CategoryID=9. It pulls off crunch well and I'd imagine an OD pedal like that can push a distorted amp into metal.


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Stop bumping, its against the rules. It may struggle doing light crunch, in the Guitar World demo it got up to metal distortion very quickly; you'd have to try one out.
just beware of the older tube kings since the noise reduction circuitury is really bad.
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IIRC, a couple of metal bands use the Tube King on top of their amps OD, to get their metal distortion. I want to say...Mastodon does this?

Just saying, it's not commonly used for lighter stuff. What amp are you using? Why can't you use the amp's normal OD for your lighter OD needs?

Im using an SS amp >< and despite the fact that people keep telling me to get a tube amp, im sticking with the SS until my next birthday. I plan on getting the Tube King to warm up my sound and to thicken my single coils. The distortion on my amp is fuzzy and its distortion - i want overdrive (if theres a difference).