So I'm going to be upgrading my gear soon and I was looking to go tube amp. I'm currently using the Line6 Spider III 15w (Yes, horrible I know, I absolutely hate it).

So after looking through some stuff on Google and music sites, I came across this Epiphone combo, but after reading reviews on it, people said the head was too bassy.

SO, I was going to buy the cabinet seperately and buy a better amp head. Any suggestions on the amp head?

Budget is under $300, maybe under $200 if you can. I'm looking for something that has the basic controls, Volume, Mid, Treble, etc.

This is the cabinet I was aiming for:


I'm looking for a good tube amp sound.
I play Blues, some Classic rock and some Grunge. I do play in a band. I was looking at the Little Giant, but is it really that good?
Honestly ,I think the Epi sounds a little better. Just throw an EQ in front of it to clear up the bass.
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