How would I get the best recorded distorted guitar sound? The sound I am looking to record is high gain. I got a pretty decent sound, but it has a hard edge on it.

I have a SM57, Presonus TubePre, and a MobilePre USB.
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Sorry about that. I wasn't pay attention when I was typing the title.

What I meant to ask was how do I get a distorted guitar to sound good recorded? I know the basics of recording I think, but I just can't get it to not sound harsh.
Its all about setting the EQ, compression and the mixing to make it not sound harsh.

but basically thats the way to go about it, what sort of amp do u have, cause that will play the major part in it
I am using a B52 AT100. The amp sounds amazing, but when I record it becomes harsh no matter how much I roll of the highs.
Okay so the amp sounds fine, then dont worry about that move down the line to the next piece of equipment which is the Presonus, set the gain controls if it has it so that it clips the roll it off so it just under the clipping meter if that makes sense
Not sure what you mean by that.

When I adjust the controls on the Presonus it makes it worse. It adds a bunch of gain to the sound making it way too much.
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what do u mean getting the distorted sound, turn it on, on the amp place the mic near it and whola

If that's how easy you think it is to get a good distorted sound, then you've obviously never tried it.

One rule of thumb which always gets mentioned if to use less distortion than you think you'll need. You generally need a lot less gain when recording. The harshness is probably due to excess distortion being added.
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I have the gain set to around 3 on my amp currently. The preamp is adding a bunch of gain from what I can tell.
Post a soundclip of your recording on your profile. Also, where are you placing the mic ?
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Its all in the mic position man,
if you can, get someone else to play the guitar, mic it up and get a headphone feed from the computer, then get down on your knees in front of the cab and sweep the mic around, listening in the headphones for the "sweet spot".

its worth bearing in mind that distorted guitars are one of the hardest things to mic right and getting them to sound good takes years of practice. its all about mic position.
for example, this is the set-up for In Flames "Clayman"

nothing fancy goin on there, just 2 sm57s and a top notch engineer who knows what he's doing.
What the last two said....all in your micing approach and a clean signal path!
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Is the audio clipping? That will make it harsh. Maybe you've just got it too loud.
If you're not getting enough gain, you should totally just daisy-chain some solid state amps with headphone jacks together. Remember: Need gain? Use a chain!
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