I have been planning on majoring in music for some time now, and i love the looks of berklee college of music, however i need to find some other schools so i dont have "all my eggs in one basket". I love berklee because of the huge amount of programs, ensembles, and the methods, (of course the city too). I'm a jazz/funk/fusion/progressive rock-metal guitarist/pianist-keyoardist/trombonist.
Berklee is definitely not for everybody. It's a great school for some and terrible for others. It all depends on the type of person you are I guess. You really have to rely on yourself to do everything. Berklee gives you an opportunity and resources, but you have to make use of them. I'm a first semester student here and I like it a lot. Aside from the actual school, the musical environment here is very inspiring to me because of the diversity and uniqueness of the people here. But yeah, do mind the $40,000 per year price tag

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I'm at Moravian College in Bethlehem, PA. It's really pretty, has a great music program, and the coolest thing is there's a separate campus for art and music majors. The music building was built in 1748, and hosted people like George Washington and Ben Franklin.

Enough about the building. The music program is great. I'm a minor on classical guitar, but a few of my friends are majors (composition, performance, and education) and they all love it. It's a small school (my freshman class is only 387 students, making the college about 1,500 total), so you know everyone. There are almost no TA's, and the professors are all approachable and friendly.

It's also $40,000 a year. However, they're pretty lenient with scholarships, especially if you're a decent student.

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im poor and im not doing too good in high school (second time in junior year) but i want to be a music teacher.
so i am going to try-my-ass-off to get my GED and go to CCRI then go to RIC.

I'm a jazz/funk/fusion/progressive rock-metal guitarist/pianist-keyoardist/trombonist.

thats awsome dude
ive always wanted to play some sort of "big band" instrument. (like woodwinds or brass, although i used to play clarinet when i was like five)
clarinet, just the sound of it, is bad.
i hate the sound of clarinets no offence to clarinet-ists.
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Look into the New School in NYC. It's the New School for Jazz and Contemporary music, and it's not too difficult to get in considering they have a lot of ensembles that need spots filled. The faculty there consists of some really big name players in the jazz world. It's worth a look. You can also look at some universities that have music programs. Some notable ones are Temple, Rutgers, William Patterson, SUNY Purchase. These are all places with good jazz programs so if that's your thing there's a few more schools to consider.
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