i'm building a guitar with a tremolo, and i ordered an EMG 81TW, and it is WAY thicker than other pickups.... After looking at the depths and stuff, it seems ...not getting any words here, i'll just describe it:

i got a body, i route the tremolo spring cavity lets say 1/3 through, but i route the pup cavity 2/3, and now i see through

is this alright, or would this cause weakness in the wood or something?
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well the first two posts where very helpful....

yeah you can do it, as long as there is enough wood for the pickup screws to fit in
and yes it probably wont be as strong, but who cares?
id put some tinfoil so the viberations of the springs arent picked up by the pickups and do put like a rubber band on em to lessen the viberations