Hi, so i wanted to get input on my guitar tone and how to improve it. Its not really punchy enough. I use Toneport ux1 basic packs, I know its not great, but there are people who get amazing tone out of line6 modelers and I wanna know how. I usually double track my guitar with 2 slighty different tones.

"Break the Matrix"

Thanks for checking mine out. I can't really help you with any tone advice as I've never experimented with toneport and for that matter, don't even own a distortion pedal so I'm just not qualified to comment on your genre. Sounded really well done though. Nice production quality. Hopefully others can be more insightful than me.

Well, first of all I would say to get rid of the line-in idea all together. I have never heard a line in sound that is anywhere CLOSE to the sound of a mic'd cab. (if you liked my bands tone I'd be happy to give you the details on what equipment we use).

I'd really suggest micing your cabinet, preferably with a Senhieser (spelling) evolution e906, easily the best guitar mic I've ever used. It makes the Shure SM57 sound like a toy.

You have the layering idea down, usually 2 guitars with each panned to opposite speakers with slightly different tones.

So like I said, if you're willing to mic your stuff, tell me so and I will go much more in detail on how to get a better tone.