Okay, well heres the problem I only know how to do basic taping like one string, Ive been listing to russian circle and their tapping. As a guitar player how do I advance my tapping skills? What would I play a scale? like lets say lydian C#? do I tap only in it.. Im so confused about the whole method to tap. Dose anyone know a book or a good website concerning this Topic?
I know that but if i keep my main hand with a C# Lydian do I make my right hand a different scale to tap maybe like a above the 12 fret a C# minor? idk, is their a way of doing this
Here ya go buddy, after learning this I realized that theres so much more I can do with tapping, lot of windows were opened per se. Oh, and it is not as hard as people keep making it out to be, so it shouldn't be too bad if you already know how to tap in a clean and precise way, just remember to use proper muting techniques for the strings that are not being used, just use your fretting hand to mute:


slowed down instructional video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjdv54-GdLQ

tabs are on ultimate-guitar, just search it up. Hope this helps
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