Hey guys,

Any thoughts on the Godin 5th Avenue archtop? Its like $500 CAN.

Need a new 6 string acoustic, and I currently play an Art & Lutherie woodland cedar 12 string.

My current 6 string is an Aria starter. Its ok, but the whole thing is laminate, and I hate electronics. I really prefer the feel of satin. I was thinking about a Martin D15, but I really dont want to get into the $1000 range. The Avenue seems like a good option.

Problem is no one stocks them around here. I've read that its laminate as well. My cedar topped 12 sounds so good, but its not laminate. I've always wanted to atleast try an archtop, but the nearest store that carries them is 2 hours away.

Any info/opinions would be extremly helpful. Yes, I know the play it for yourself rule.

Now thats the ugliest damn bong I've ever seen!
I played it in a shop, but only very quickly. Didn't put it through its paces but first impressions were good. Its doesn't sound like a 'real' archtop - more somewhere between a regular flatop and an archtop. Its got a fairly small body for an archtop though it is reasonably loud for the size. Not much sustain - like most archtops. Very little bass (probably cause of the small body) but quite a lot of low-mids which kind of 'compensate'. Felt okay, was comfortable to play. All around I liked it, but like I said I didn't look at it very closely, or play it for more than a minute or two.
thanks for the info. anyone else got some more detail?
Now thats the ugliest damn bong I've ever seen!
theres several review videos of the godin on youtube, so just check them out...i watched them myself when i was lookin at this sexy piece of wood