Before I listen, I suggest you correctly learn every part you plan on covering, that way the cover is to the best of your ability. Never, ever rush it. Take your time and show your best take.

That's my 2-cents, anyway. I'll give it a listen in a moment.
its not bad, the quality was not great. it seemed like the timing was off in parts. its hard to tell cause of the quality. you might be playing the right notes or not. its too muffled.
edit: why do you have this on another profile?
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dam sounds like u recorded it with your phone or something, buy a cheap mic or something, audio interface.
yea i know timing is off in some parts, i used Audacity to record and it always does that
and i posted it on another account cuz i dont really use this one anymore..i dont like the childish user name hahaha but my new acount got banned for having 2 acounts
oh and sorry for the ****ty quality i usd a line6 guitarport through a cheap laptop