Ive been playing bass for a little less than a year and im really good, i can play Anesthesia by Metallica (which was my dream) and i have created a couple of songs(only bass), so i really feel satisfied with my bass playing.

Recently i got into guitar, and bought one yesterday, and so far i can kind of play the intro of Foxy Lady and the first part of Crazy Train, and some other not so known simple songs, im sure ill get better over time but that is not my worry, what happens is that i feel i have no crativity on a guitar... i just cant come up with anything... Just one simple riff wich is based on the other stuff ive created on bass... as much as i can learn a song i cannot create anything "guitarrish".

My question is where should i go now? continue practicing and little by little things will start to come up..? learn some songs..?

And please any beginner songs, tips, tricks, links..? things you know now that you wish you knew when starting.

Anthing you can contribute with will be apreciated.

I'd say learn more songs,
Almost every time I try to learn a new, more complicated song I end up learning new things to do on the guitar and eventually use that to make new songs
like they said, when you learn songs you can become inspired, you can see how the song is structured and how this bit of the song compliments the other etc etc.

im not an awesome music writer but i make some pretty decent stuff, i know lots of scales but i dont really use em (but i should really :p) usually i just sit down with my guitar and fool around, i take bits and pieces of other song and 'incorporate' them in my music.
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I'm not familiar with Foxy Lady but the intro for Crazy Train is pretty simple (though it sounds awesome).

You definitely need a lot more practice before creating your own stuff. Probably learn some scales and then some songs from tabs. Be able to play at least one song (that isn't really easy) all the way through. Study up on technique and so forth. It will probably go much faster for you since you are familiar with bass.
see what parts of songs you love and take w/e skills they band used and try to adapt them to your creation - get your chops down man - oh and practice alott you can never say you've learned how to play guitar cuz theres always something new to check out
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Try and learn some simple songs and then work your way up to more intermediate songs. If you have Guitar Pro download one of the tabs, change the tempo to something you could play, then after you can play it easily without mistakes, make the tempo higher and try play faster and faster to the normal tempo.

Go to your local music store and see if they have this book "Progressive Guitar Method for Beginners". It helped me a bit, I'm learning that and other things with my guitar teacher, and in my own time I learn other songs/tabs and stuff. The book gives you musical knowledge of notes/good and bad habits on your guitar, and helps you learn to play better.

Look at some of the tutorials for chords, or all of the tutorials () on this site. Chords are fun, and if you learn the chords to popular songs, people think "OMG He's so good!".

Hope I helped. A bit.

EDIT: Oh and some simple easy to play songs.

Coldplay - Speed of Sound

Deep Purple - Smoke on the Water
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I'm pretty much the same way, only in reverse. I'm halfway decent at making riffs on guitar, but when I go to bass I'm pretty much lost.

I appreciate all of your responses

I will keep practicing and i will learn some simple songs, and eventually learn a complete not so easy song like "thelonesoldier" said so im sure that will give some inspiration and ideas.

I'll also learn some scales and chords im sure that will help too!

I'm also doing that 21 day experiment, ill tell ya what happens :P

Really THANKS im glad i didnt got the typical "Do a search before posting blah blah" and that you took me seriously.
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I'm pretty much the same way, only in reverse. I'm halfway decent at making riffs on guitar, but when I go to bass I'm pretty much lost.

The absolute basic bass is to follow the root note of the chord and depending on the style play it on each beat of a 4/4.The rest comes with experimentation and listening to the way bass players use theirs in other songs

Again always checkout Youtube as there's loads of great free lessons on there for theory,learning,phrasing,riffs etc