Hi, I would like everyone's opinion.

Last summer, I bought a squier stratocaster for about 100 bucks, and I have been playing the guitar ever since. You can even check out my videos at http://www.youtube.com/stratomaster13. Well, I have decided to get a new guitar, and my mom agreed to let me buy a new one only if I sell my Squier. Is it worth it?

Also, I am looking at guitars around 200-400 dollars. What guitars in this range would you recommend? I am currently looking the Epiphone g-310, the Fender standard stratocaster/telecaster, and the epiphone g-400. I also want to spend as least money as possible. Please recommend guitars and tell me if it is worth selling my first guitar?

squier eh!? (why do all asians get squires. no joke, they all seem to lean to squier.) anyways

200 to 400 bux is an ok budget nothing fancy involved.

i recomend a used guitar because...
1) its seriusly impossible to mess up a guitar with out intending to mess it up
2) it wil be a lot cheaper
3) because of the drop in price, then you can look into an even more qualaty peice of craftsmanship (craftsmanship is what laggs in a squier)

ive been playing for 3 years, and i had a freind go thru this exact same deal, and he turned up with an epiphone g-400. it really is a great guitar for the price, the pickups are well made, the neck is well shaped, the strings dont go out of tune every time you touch them (like on a squier), and it looks great.

almost all companies (besides gibson, and other high grade "elite" manufactures) have guitars that are at the price range your are looking at. just go to www.guitarcenter.com and click on guitars and just click on the price range or whatever it says and itl pop up with a lot of great guitars.

If you buy used, then look for guitars that are priced around 500-600 dollars new, occasionally a 700 dollar guitar will pop for 400 bux in the used gear tab at the guitar center site.

oh, another thing to be aware of...dont think that fender, gibson, or epiphone guitars are the only guitars out there. there are a load of other companies out there that might just fit you best if you give them a look.

Im very eager to help you out

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